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Greeting Cards 8-12 pcs丨Four Series

Greeting Cards 8-12 pcs丨Four Series


These Chinese style greeting cards come in four different series containing 8-12 pcs each. They are: the ink painting series, by Chinese painter Huang Yongyu (12 pcs); the bird and flower series (8 pcs); the Zen plant series (8 pcs), and the ideal life landscape series (8 pcs). The inner pages of these cards are all blank.


Huang Yongyu's ink painting (12 pcs) 8.5x8.5 CM

Bird and Flower (8 pcs) 13.5x10 CM 

Zen Plant (8 pcs) 13.5x10 CM

Ideal Life (8 pcs) 13.5x10 CM

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