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The people behind Yocha Studio are a small international team based in Uppsala, Sweden. We come from diverse backgrounds, both geographically and professionally. With careers in film, TV, business and the arts, we have a passion for unique, quality design and service.

Our goal is to share this passion with discerning clients from Uppsala and across Sweden. Let us introduce you to an exciting new world of concepts, experiences and lifestyle from the East.

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Fang Danrui

Founder of Yocha. From Dalian, China. Studied and lived in Ireland and Spain for many years
before moving to Beijing and a decade-long career in international film. Fell in love with
Sweden during a Nordic trip and moved to Uppsala in 2018. Design lover, especially culturally
original designs - “Original designs speak for themselves, they can tell stories if only you are
willing to listen. I hope Yocha can become a platform where we can all share our different
cultures and the beauty they bring to us.”


Mo Zhiying

Co-founder of Yocha. Specialized in making TV shows and documentaries in China before
coming to Sweden. Completed a master’s program in Digital Media at Uppsala University. An
idealist who believes that mutual understanding between diverse cultures and art is the best
way to make our planet better.


Wu Yujiang

Yocha shareholder. From Yunnan, China. Studied and lived in Japan for 12 years before moving
to Uppsala. Former political science researcher, media practitioner, freelance writer, translator
and documentary researcher with SVT. Speaker of Chinese (Kunming dialect & standard
Mandarin), Japanese and English. Currently working on adding Swedish to the list and hoping to
be able to present Yocha’s workshops in Swedish! Looking forward to having “Ichi-go Ichi-e (一
期一会, once in a lifetime”) with you all!