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YOCHA Workshop

Here at Yocha Studio one of our primary goals is to act as a cultural bridge between Asia and the Nordic countries. Since first opening our doors in March 2022, we have run a series of successful workshops on various aspects of Asian culture. The response so far has been overwhelming with virtually every workshop sold out - so why not join us soon for a unique, unforgettable, fun-filled learning experience?

Workshops we have held and ongoing series:

>> Chinese Kung Fu Tea

>> Matcha / Song Dynasty Whipped Tea

>> Tea Blind Tasting

>> Mahjong

>> Ink painting

>> Chinese Calligraphy

>> A Taste of Chinese / Japanese

>> Dumpling / Mochi

Workshops onsite for community groups, businesses or other organisations around Uppsala and Stockholm area please contact us at

For more details and up to date timings check out our social media. 

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