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Original design pieces from 'Daparo Yeung' China. The entire production process, including illustrating, moulding, colouring, polishing and pin riveting is done by hand.


Both the ‘Humpback Whale’ pair and 'Beluga Whale and Narwhal' pair brooches are made of zinc alloy, gold-plated and decorated with enamel, paint and luminous materials. 'Humpback Whale' combines the shapes of the Sun and Moon respectively. They are decorated with fluorescent enamel, which has a luminous effect in the dark.


Sun Whale 4.6x4.5 CM

Moon Whale 4.5x3.6 CM 

Beluga Whale 3.5x3.5 CM

Narwhale 3.5x3.5 CM 

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