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Brooch丨Double Koi & Poppy/Great Tit

Brooch丨Double Koi & Poppy/Great Tit


The first of these matching brooch sets show a pair of koi, the original Japanese term for the decorative carp. Sounding like a Japanese word for affection, these beautiful fish are considered symbols of love and friendship in Japan. In China the koi is considered an omen of good luck.


Our second brooch set is inspired by the common poppy (papaver rhoeas) and the familiar Great Tit. In Chinese, the poppy takes its name from the Qin Dynasty beauty, Yu Ji. The bright red flower is said to resemble Yu dancing in the wind. This is contrasted with the colourful Great Tit (Parus), which thrives all the way from Sweden to China and was first categorised by Uppsala’s famous son, Carl Linnaeus.


Double Koi 3.5x4 CM and 4x4.5 CM

Poppy/Great Tit 4.2x4.2 CM


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