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Brooch丨Bird Series (Pair)

Brooch丨Bird Series (Pair)


Original design pieces from 'Daparo Yeung' China. The entire production process, including illustrating, moulding, colouring, polishing and pin riveting is done by hand.


These bird series brooches are made of zinc alloy, gold-plated and are decorated with enamel and paint. There are four brooch options in this series and you can choose any two to make up a set.


The four birds are the Pygmy Goose (nettapus coromandelianus), the Little Egret (egretta garzetta), the Indian Paradise Flycatcher (terpsiphone paradisi), and the Eurasian Magpie (pica pica). They indivudually represent each Chinese character shown on the box which means 福 luck, 禄 fortune, 寿 longevity and 喜 happiness.


Pygmy Goose (福 Luck) 

5x2.7 CM 

Little Egret (禄 Fortune) 

5.8x3.8 CM 

Indian Paradise Flycatcher (寿 Longevity) 

6.2x3.7 CM 

Eurasian Magpie (喜 Happiness) 

4.8x4.8 CM 

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