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Gai Wan丨3 Styles

Gai Wan丨3 Styles

PriceFrom kr229.00

“Gai Wan” is the Chinese term for a tea set comprising a lid on top, a cup in the middle and a saucer underneath. Also known as “Sancai Wan” or “Sancai Bei”, the lid represents the heavens; the cup, man; and the saucer, Earth. The whole set implies the unity of heaven, man and Earth.
We have selected three different styles of Gai Wan for you:  A "Far Mountain" themed Gaiwan set which consists of one Gaiwan, one Gongdao cup and four teacups. The decoration is an original hand-painted illustration from the world-famous Chinese porcelain town of Jingdezhen; A ceramic Gai Wan with a hibiscus flower pattern and, A Japanese-style, gilt decorated glass version (without a saucer). Each comes in an elegant presentation box making them perfect as gifts.


Far Mountain  150-200 ML  / 45 MLx4

Hibiscus Flower 120 ML

Glass 160 ML


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