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Plate丨Tang Dynasty Lady

Plate丨Tang Dynasty Lady


Handmade by artist Zou from Jingdezhen - China's "Porcelain Capital". The design was inspired by the image of women in the Tang Dynasty (618-907AC) in China, it expresses the Chinese aesthetic of more than a thousand years ago. The Tang Dynasty is considered to be one of the most powerful and prosperous periods in ancient China, and its civilization has profoundly influenced its neighbor Japan in many ways such as construction and clothing.


This series of plates is made of stoneware, with naturally formed small black particles and painting marks on the surface. The plates are coloured with safe, natural paint, which can be used for food. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Model A 22x18x1.5 CM 

Model B 21x18x1.5 CM 

Model C 22.5x16.5x1.5 CM 

Model D 21.5x17x1.5 CM

Model E 23x16.5x1.5 CM 

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