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Teapot丨Handcrafted Yixing Ware

Teapot丨Handcrafted Yixing Ware


These Yixing clay teapots are not only individually handmade but also either hand painted or have hand written calligraphy by Chinese tea ceremony artist, Mr. Hong Jun. The raw material comes from the red clay in Yixing Ware. Yixing Clay refers to a kind of rare mineral clay produced in the Yixing area of ​​China. Some colours of Yixing clay have been excavated in modern times. These three exclusive teapots are all made of red clay which is one of the most popular varieties produced in Yixing kilns.


· Zi Ye Shi Piao ('子冶石瓢')  red clay

  14.5(W)x7(H) CM / 270 ML

· Shuang Ling ('双灵') red clay

  13.5(W)x8.5(H) CM / 200 ML 

· De Zhong ('德钟') red clay

  15.5(W)x8.5(H) CM / 350 ML


For anyone interested in learning more about the story behind each teapot please feel free to contact us, and you are more than welcome to visit our store to discover more.

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