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Tea Set丨Lantingjixu Calligraphy

Tea Set丨Lantingjixu Calligraphy


A simple stoneware tea set decorated with the preface of one of the most famous examples of ancient Chinese calligraphy, "Lantingji Xu". Contains a small teapot, a 35ml teacup, a saucer and a plate.


"Lanting Collection Preface" describes the writer's feeling of well-being while attending a banquet. The writer, Wang Xizhi, from the Jin Dynasty (265-420), is considered one of China's greatest calligraphers.


Teapot 9(W)x6.5(H) CM / 180 ML

Teacup 5.7(D)x5(H) CM / 35 ML

Saucer 8x8x2 CM 

Plate 15x3 CM

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