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Teapot and Pitcher丨Stoneware (S)

Teapot and Pitcher丨Stoneware (S)


A stoneware teapot handmade in Japanese style. Because the surface of these teapots has a "transmutation glaze", natural changes occur during the firing process meaning the colour of each unique teapot will differ slightly.


Made of stoneware, the Japanese-style Gongdao cup (literally ‘the cup of fairness’ or ‘justice cup’) is also called ‘Tea divider’. Its main function is to distribute the brewed tea evenly and make sure the tea poured from the teapot has a uniform taste for everyone.


The Gongdao cup was originally a drinking vessel from the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), it was only later incorporated into tea drinking. The Gongdao cup encapsulates the Chinese concept of avoiding greed and taking only what you need. Something very similar to the Swedish concept of lagom, everything in moderation!


Teapot 11.5(W)x8(H) CM / 240 ML

Gongdao cup 9.5(W)x7.5(H) CM / 190 ML

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